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1/2 B
Instructor: Ms. Baiardi   
What is 1/2 B learning?
Students made predictions on who they think will win the Superbowl.

Letters To A Disney Character
Students picked many of there favorite Disney characters such as, Ariel, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Buzz Light Year, Donald Duck, Peter Pan, and Woody. They wrote to a character of there choice and mailed them a letter. Disney will be mailing them a letter back in a few weeks from their characters!
Meet My Polar Bear!
Students enjoyed making there very own polar bear. They named their polar bears! Also, they described what they like to eat, do, and who their friends are! GRRRRRR

November News

In November 1/2B learned:

Reading: Students learned when we summarize and retell, we can understand, review, and organize the events and information from the text. Also, when we connect what we read to our own lives, to other books, and to the world around us, we enrich our reading experience.

Writing: First Grade, students have been practicing telling a simple story to a partner in the proper sequence. They have started planning stories using sentence starters first, next, then, and last. Second Graders, have continued to work on writing personal narrative pieces. They are transferring all their ideas for writing and utilizing all six traits of writing.

Math: First Grade, students are continuing to add and subtract. They learned the strategies doubles and near doubles. Second Grade students, learned about place value. They have learned how to read and write numbers one to a hundred.

October News
Reading: Students learned as readers, we can use strategies to problem solve unfamiliar words when they appear. Also, when we summarize and retell, we can understand, review, and organize the events and information from the text.

Writing: First Grade: Students are learning that the one way a writer organizes a story is by thinking about what happens first, next, then, and last. They choose many different topics from their topic list to practice writing stories in a correct sequence. Second Grade: Students have been working on personal narratives by using different graphic organizers.

Math: First Grade: Students learned about addition and subtraction terms and strategies. They also worked with a ten frame and learned how to find out a missing part. Second Grade: Students continues to add and subtract. They have added more key vocabulary to help them comprehend word problems better. They have learned the addition vocabulary: plus, combined, more, in all, how many, join, sum, add, total, and together. They have learned the subtraction vocabulary: how many more, left, minus, take away, remain, fewer, and gave away.

September News
In September 1/2 B learned:
Reading: Students learned that good readers use the title, pictures, and words in the text as clues to help them predict what they might read in a book. Also, when we are curious and ask questions about the books we read, we become active readers who look for information about a book.
Writing: First Grade: Students are learning that we are all writers and that we write for readers. Students are discovering that they are all writers. They will write realistic books about stories that people do and events that happen in real life. In Second Grade: Students are identifying six traits of good writing. Also, students are using the six traits to write descriptive poems.
Math: First grade, is learning about understanding addition. They learned different ways of making 6, 7, 8 and 9. They learned about different addition sentences. In second grade, they learned about key vocabulary like how many more, in all, and fewer than to help them add or subtract.
Positive Thinking
Ms. Baiardi's first and second grade class at School Number 2 in Fort Lee, NJ is training their brain to have no "STICKIN THINKIN!" The class came up with this creative slogan, as a motto to be successful. We want to learn not to quit in anything they do in and out of school. The class came up with many negative things they have said to themselves as students. For example, "I'm not good at this," " This is to hard," "It's good enough," or "I give up!" We came up with different ways to positively impact and change these negative comments. For example, instead of saying "it's good enough" they came up with, "is this really my best work?" Or instead of saying "I'm not awesome," the class should say, "I'm on the right track." When a classmate says any "stickin thinkin", the class rallies behind him or her and gives them positive encouragement. Ms. Baiardi's class wants to work hard in everything they do and is learning that positive words makes this work a little easier.
Welcome Letter

September 4, 2015

Dear Parents,

Welcome to first and second grade self contained! My name is Courtney Baiardi and I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am looking forward to another exciting school year, and getting to know your children, as well as, yourselves. We in 1/2 B we are all about learning through interaction. Your child will be exposed to many different teaching techniques including games, puzzles, sorting, manipulatives, and different learning centers. This will allow your new up and coming students to focus on things they find fun, as well as learn the necessary items to make them successful going forward.

We take learning seriously and want you at home to be 100% involved as well. Everyday a parent journal will be coming home outlining what we have accomplished in class that day. Please take the time to discuss some of the materials from that daysí journal. It will help reinforce their lessons and allow your children to share their new knowledge with you. It will also have the daily homework outlined in it as well. Your child is required to complete it nightly and return it to school the next day. As parents of new students it is important to help foster the love for reading from the start. We ask that you try to read to your child as often as possible, and have some comprehension discussions. What types of questions to ask them will be discussed at back to school night, on September 17th.

Finally, our special periods are listed on my fusion page. Please make sure your new students are dressed appropriately for gym and art days. My email is below, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. As the principal stated, I do have a phone in my class. However, I will not check messages until 3:30. If you have an emergency please leave a message at the office or email me because I do check that during the day. Together we can allow for a great beginning for your child, and build the skills for them to grow down the road.

Sincerely yours,

Courtney Baiardi

Monday: Spelling Notebook (ABC order), Math Workshee
Tuesday: Spelling Notebook (3 x each), Math Worksheet, Reading Worksheet
Wednesday: Spelling Notebook (sentences), Math Worksheet, Reading Log
Thursday: Study for Spelling Test, Math Worksheet, Reading Worksheet


Monday: LIBRARY at 10:30

Tuesday: ART at 1:30

Wednesday: Gym at 1:30

Thursday: Music at 10:30

Friday: Gym at 1:30


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